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Parkson Delivers New Year's Blessings with Limited Red Packets

At the beginning of the Year of the Tiger, Parkson launched a set of red packet covers together with renowned calligrapher Puan Sri Chelsia Chan to promote traditional culture and deliver New Year Greetings for Chinese consumers.

According to Chinese traditional culture, the Year of the Tiger in 2022 belongs to water in the five elements, also known as the Year of the Water-Tiger. The six "tiger" characters on the red packet covers are in different dynastic styles and fonts, which represent the parents, grandparents, and children, who form a happy and harmonious family.

This set of red packet covers not only symbolizes the profound heritage of Chinese history and culture but also represents the good wishes from Parkson and Puan Sri Chelsia Chan to all Chinese home and abroad, wishing everything to be well in the new year.

Parkson hopes that this set of red packet covers will provide everyone with confidence and encouragement to fight against the pandemic and to overcome difficulties in life for a better tomorrow.


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