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Parkson Beauty Opened in Changsha

Parkson Beauty, a brand new retail concept store created by Parkson Business Group, a leading retail department store in Asia, and IFS in Changsha, is now in the newly opened Changsha IFS Center L1, L2, now become the new beauty of Changsha city center.

Parkson Beauty's specialty stores that sell high-end beauty products and skin care products are Parkson's largest one-stop makeup and beauty shop in China, which is opened by Parkson at the IFS Center in the core business district of Changsha Wuyi Square. Covering an area of more than 5,000 square meters, which brings together the world's top brands of make-up, skin care, beauty, body and fragrance to provide customers with the latest and most comprehensive information, professional and considerate service, and exceptionally elegant experience.

Many brands have settled in Hunan for the first time, and Parkson creates a one-stop beauty station.

Parkson Beauty stores brings together nearly 20 international make-up stores such as Lancôme, Estee Lauder, Dior, Chanel, YSL, La Prairie and LA MER. In addition, many international top brands such as Jo Malone and ALBION have settled in Hunan Province for the first time. Parkson Beauty is the first to offer tailor-made beauty upgrades to local consumers through a diverse selection of brands. In the future, Parkson hopes to carry out similar projects in more cities based on the success of Changsha Parkson Beauty, bringing a different retail experience to more amateurs.

In addition to the international first-line cosmetics, Parkson Beauty also includes a global limited-edition SPA supporting flagship store and 8 independent spaces for customers to enjoy the professional ultimate beauty service experience. CHANEL, La Prairie, LA MER, WHOO, Sisley, Sulwhasoo, CPB, HER & SHELLEY and other big names all have advanced facilities in the beauty salon. In the international brand make-up and beauty room, from the arrangement of the room to the choice of products, each guest is provided with the highest-end and tailor-made beauty care, so that every customer can have a high-quality beauty experience. At present, some brands of beauty salons are now open to the public, and all brands of beauty salons are expected to open in August.

In addition, on the second floor of Parkson Beauty, there is also a leisure experience area dedicated to men's fashion skin care, nursing areas, and coffee and home life, allowing customers to enjoy a comfortable shopping experience here.

Parkson's new makeup store, PLAY UP, is also opened in Parkson Beauty. PLAY UP is the gathering place of “Beauty Bloggers' Favorites” created by Parkson for fashion and trend frontline people. More than 70 brands, more than 1300 products are available in PLAY UP, welcome to pick your own attitude in a trend of people patronize.

The beauty business leads Parkson's development and enriches its activities to establish its beauty advantages

Beauty has always been Parkson’s leading retail business segment. In the cosmetics business process, Parkson found that consumers' demand for cosmetics has also become more diverse, from water, moisturizing, sun protection to popular makeup, all must be covered. How to satisfy consumers' increasingly diversified cosmetic needs and provide better consumer experience is also a problem Parkson has been working on.

In recent years, the beauty industry is showing a trend of consumption upgrading and increasingly young people. At the same time, this group of consumers prefers offline consumption, lifestyle and experience. The launch of the Parkson Beauty project is to better fit into this trend.

Based on years of experience in cosmetics retailing, Parkson’s beauty business advantage has gradually covered: it has established an international first-line beauty brand, hot new product exclusive launch, and diversified offline beauty experience. In addition, the promotion of beauty festivals on four different themes a year is also a feature of Parkson's reforms. It creates a feast for consumers to experience beauty and enjoy promotions, leading to an overall significant increase in business volume.

2018 is a good year for Parkson, and the opening of Parkson Beauty is another new trial of Parkson Beauty. With its retail experience accumulated in China, Parkson is advancing with the times, actively deepening its transformation, and is committed to become a fashion lifestyle retailer specializing in cosmetics.


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