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Parkson Yichun Welcomes Local Customers with Trendy Urban Social Space

Parkson Yichun Shopping Center is the first Parkson Shopping Center in Yichun and held its soft opening on Jan 15, 2023. The shopping center is established as a landmark of art, fashion, and entertainment, and is the city’s new social destination.

The project’s unique identity as the first fashion and entertainment social destination for Yichun draws widespread attention from the local community due to its location at the center of Yichun’s administrative district, which is also the core area of local cultural and public facilities, as well as and residential districts.

The design concept of the mall focuses on creating a futuristic city with immersive views of the oasis, which consist of elements such as stars, cosmos, and astronauts, to create a synergized view of art and nature.

Leveraging its unique position, Parkson Yichun has attracted investments from different brand combinations including sports, food & beverages, jewelry, and digital products, which reflects Parkson Yichun’s aesthetics of life.

In the future, Parkson Group will continue to provide the Chinese audience with more diversified and on-trend retail experiences.


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