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Privacy Policy

During your visit to this website, Parkson may collect and store some information to monitor your use of this website. Parkson may use "cookies" to "remember" information about your preferences and you are entitled to set your web browser to reject such “cookies”.

Normal use of this website will not result in any personally identifiable data being collected or stored. Nevertheless, if you provide any personal data e.g. your name, company, industry, postal address, e-mail address, queries, requests and other relevant information to Parkson as directed by a webpage in this website, Parkson may store such personal data for the purpose of responding to your queries or requests. In this respect, please note that any information. materials, suggestions, ideas or comments sent to Parkson will be deemed non-confidential, and, by submitting any such information, you are granting Parkson an irrevocable and unrestricted license to use, modify, reproduce, transmit, display and distribute such materials, information, suggestions, ideas or comments for any purpose whatsoever. However, Parkson will not use your name in connection with any such materials, information, suggestions, ideas or comments unless with your prior permission or otherwise are required by law to do so.

Please note that this privacy policy applies only to this website. For the privacy policies of other websites which is linked to this website, please refer to those specific websites.





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