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The Grand Opening of Parkson Nanchang Liantang Store, marking a new chapter in neighborhoods life

Parkson Nanchang Liantang store officially opened on December 30th, 2023. The remarkable opening ceremony featured a series of captivating performances for customers. Positioned as a new business entity in Nanchang County, Parkson Nanchang Liantang store is committed to create a wonderful living experience circle that integrates business and residential, family-friendly environments, neighborhoods relationships, and gatherings of friends.

Focusing on Community Life, Building a New Dynamic Landmark

The total GDP and comprehensive economic strength of Nanchang County rank first among all counties and districts in Jiangxi Province, while the Total Retail Sales of Consumer Goods and the permanent resident population rank first among all counties and districts in Nanchang City*. Parkson Nanchang Liantang store strategically situates east of Yingbin Avenue and south of Hongzhou Avenue in Nanchang County, conveniently accessible via the Lishan Station on Metro Line 3.

Parkson Nanchang Liantang store occupies a total area of 30,000 square meters, including a basement and four floors above ground. It integrates multiple business types and functions and create a new trendy landmark with youthful dynamism. It adopts the design concept of "quality, ideal, joyful lifestyle " Parkson Nanchang Liantang store showcases the fashion lifestyle of Nanchang residents and provides satisfactory shopping experience for community resident.

Regional Flagship Stores, Leading a Joyful Lifestyle

Parkson Nanchang Liantang store introduced 42 regional flagship stores, including Starbucks, APPLE, More Yogurt, TSL, WINONA, etc. It not only injects youthful energy into the local commercial market but also allowing the residents to enjoy a relaxed and healthy life right outside their doorstep and sets a new living trend.

Building a Dedicated Area for Children, Lighting up Childhood Moment

Parkson Nanchang Liantang store provides convenient parking service and integrating the service concept of making guests feel at home into every detail. Other than the parent-child amusement park, there is also an experience area designed specifically for children in the mall, providing a safe and fun space for children.

The highly anticipated Parkson Nanchang Liantang store, builds the commercial matrix to meet customers’ demand. At the same time, it is dedicated to understand customers' demands and linking customers emotional value. Through a splendid opening ceremony, it aims to bring a beautiful life right to the doorstep of the community. The exploration and innovation of Parkson Nanchang Liantang store marks a new stage of Parkson China to become an excellent commercial space operator.

*Part of the economic data of the county is from Jiangxi Daily. Parkson holds the final explanation right.


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